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AISP Instructional Assistant(s) (CL13-24)

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TitleAISP Instructional Assistant(s)
Posting IDCL13-24

The Alternative Instructional Strategies Program (AISP) assistant will work with the teacher and team leader in offering support and instruction to several emotionally and/or behaviorally challenged students.  Instruction and related services will be designed and provided to students on an individually determined basis.  Common areas of skill development include improving self monitoring and self-management, impulse control, anger management, social skills, and learning deficits.  As students demonstrate adequate success in these areas, the students will transition into regular education opportunities.  Must have a BA degree with some college-level training in educational psychology, counseling, social work, or a related field.  Preference given to individuals with prior successful experience working in an SED program, day treatment, or similar program.  Must be able to contribute to individual education plan development, monitoring, and revision.



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Salary Range$14.76 / Hourly

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Start Date12/06/2012